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Bio: Single disc electromagnetic separator
Single disc electromagnetic separator consists of two sections, i. e. Host unit (mechanical) and electrical unit (control cabinet). When the minerals to be separated are loaded into the bin, adjust the clearance between magnetic disc tooth tip and conveying belt to a desirable range (generally about 1mm) and adjust the DC current of control cabinet to appropriate value (generally 4 6 A), depending on the mineral properties, particle size and separation requirements. Feed the materials into the permanent magnetic feeding drum, where the high-conductivity minerals will be removed. Through a feeding plate, the minerals will be uniformly sprayed onto the belt conveyor (The mineral thickness generally between 0.2 0.8mm). When the machine is running, the belt conveyor will send the minerals down below the magnetic disc, where the paramagnetic minerals will be soon absorbed onto the tip of magnetic teeth. When the magnetic disc rotates to the low-intensity magnetic area, they will fall into the concentrate bin under the function of their gravity weight and centrifugal force. The diamagnetic minerals will be conveyed to the tailings bin via belt conveyor and discharged).
Easy for operation and maintenance.
One-time separate variety of ferromagnetic minerals, weakly magnetic, non-magnetic.
Operations can be adapted to water-lack mines.

Single disc electromagnetic separator is mainly used for dry separation of weak magnetic minerals, such as tungsten, titanium, titanium, manganese and rare earth elements, which have a specific magnetization srip >40x10(-6).
Technical Specifications
Magnetic intensity15000Gs
Disk Diameter885mm
Disk quantity1 pcs
Disk speed28-32r/min
Field winding2 groups
Rated current3.5 A
Power voltage380V/3phase
Motor power3kw
Magnetizing power1.5kw
Feed size〈4mm
Belt width520mm
Coil temperature65°C
Weight3.2 tonsMali Electromagnetic Separator
Sex: Undisclosed